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Prebuilt and custom-made units

At BMC Portable Storage, we offer top-quality sheds for all of the outdoor storage needs of homeowners in Summertown, TN and surrounding Lawrence County. You can purchase a prefabricated shed or have one custom built. On top of that, we offer a rent-to-own arrangement through BLI Rentals and financing plans that make it easier for you to acquire your own unit.

Compare OUR products to other companies

BMC is a local company. Everything is built local with local people.



BMC sells and services the sheds. You have a local person that lives in the area that is glad to help thru the transaction before and after the sale.


BMC delivers and sets up our units in your designated location.   



BMC will try our best to deliver units on your schedule and in-stock buildings can often be delivered same day or next day.       

Many other company’s units are built far away even out of state and trucked in. They have no control over what they get.


With other companies, you are buying from a dealer that only sells the units. They have no vested interest beyond the sale.    

Other comapnies use a 3rd party for delivery. Their only concern is dropping off your unit and getting gone asap.


Others tell you a time they will show up (maybe). They will require you to miss work for delivery. Same day or next day delivery will not happen.

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